High Adventures

220 cycles through different high adventures to be able to allow scouts to have a chance to try different activities throughout their scouting career.

We currently attend the following High Adventure Bases:
+ Philmont Scout Ranch
+ Florida National High Adventure Sea Base
+ Northern Tier High Adventure
+ Okpik

Usually the schedules are known a couple years in advance to allow scouts to plan both physically and financially to attend, as well as planning various fundraising opportunities to help offset the costs.

The Summit?

There has been interest in the Summit Bechtel Reserve. There is a goal to offer it and add to the rotation within a few years.

As of 2019, 220 is planning on attending Summit Bechtel in the summer of 2020.

Triple Crown

Scouts that attend Philmont, Sea Base, and Northern Tier, can earn the Triple Crown Award. Okpik doesn't count on its own, but can be switched out for Northern Tier. Philmont's winter adventure does not count for a Philmont trip. A comprehensive list can be found on the official National High Adventures Awards' Website.

Winter Activities

Historically, in January, 220 goes to Northern Tier to Okpik for their winter activities. Recently we went to the new Winter Adventure at Philmont.